Life is complete, with the pitter patter of doggie feet....


 A Short Story.... & of course... photographs

Chapter 1

My brother and I were fortunate to have a dog when we were kids. Thus started my love of the four legged friend.  In 1985 we adopted our first dog. She was a black & tan Cocker Spaniel named Natasha.... we just called her Tashie. She was a wonderful lover... the runt of the litter, who ended her life deaf and blind, but NEVER dumb. She survived breast cancer, but ultimately succumbed to lymphoma, after 16 joyous years with us. We miss her every day.... and we sure missed the pitter patter of doggie feet, on the floor and in our hearts. Read about our girl at In Memory of Pets

Chapter 2

Enter.... Boo... 'da Booman... Boomansky... he has many names. He's a Tri-color, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As a pup, "NO-Boo" was also a common nickname....  aahhh puppies.... good thing they're so cute. In spite of us, he has managed to wrap himself around our hearts and lives. So much so, we decided to bring another one into our life....

Chapter 2-A

Punkin' is a scrapper. A tri-color female.... a sister for the Booman, if you will. A playmate for sure. Sometimes competition... sometimes companion... always Boo's shadow. It remains to be seen who will ultimately rule the castle... but you can be sure it's not us!!  We'll keep you posted....




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